Why should you want to boost your self-confidence?

Well, being a self-confident individual can be a huge asset in many of life’s situations.

Be it a job interview or debating a point of view with a friend, the expression of your confidence alone could be a big determinant of the outcome.

Increasing your self-confidence can be achieved in many ways.

To assist you in that task here are 10 awesome methods that can boost your self-confidence.

#1 Be an Optimist

When talking about self-confidence, your mindset is the key. A mind that is devoted to creating only positive thoughts more useful than one which tries to convince you that something is about to go wrong. Become an optimist and learn to look for the silver lining even if things don’t go to plan.

#2 Kill the Negativespostive mindset

Though you might attempt to think positive all the time, those negative thoughts somehow penetrate into your mind sometimes, don’t they? Think of negative thoughts as minions of an enemy,  sent to demolish your future self. They are annoying and destructive but on the upside, you can easily deal with them.

Whenever a negative thought appears, acknowledge it, but then immediately press delete in your mind. Pay zero attention to them and know that they serve no real purpose. Better yet, replace the negative thought with a positive one and carry on with confidence.

#3 Slow and Steady Beats Fast and Frazzled

If your lack of confidence compounds your fear of messing up a presentation or fear of public speaking activity, an easy way to get around this is to train yourself to speak at a slow and steady pace. Speaking calmly and steadily pace of speech is seen as one coming from someone with authority and confidence.

Public speakers use this simple trick to exhibit their confidence and gain the attention and support of the crowd. As that support increases so does the speaker’s confidence. Compare that to someone rushing through their speech and stumbling over words. It’s no wonder they lose confidence. so, when it comes to speaking in public, slow and steady does it.

#4 Look The Partbusiness woman

Your posture and how you stand can play a role in boosting your self-confidence. Standing straight, with alert eyes can make you feel better about yourself and help demonstrate high levels of confidence. It not only improves confidence and energy, but it makes you look more confident and assured to others.

#5 Take Deep Breaths

Do not underestimate the power of breathing deeply during a stressful situation. Taking several deep breaths fills your body with oxygen and helps to calm your mind. It also gives you a few extra seconds to focus your thoughts on the task at hand. This is an incredibly simple yet effective method that can help towards raising your confidence.

#6 Learn From Losses

This is a major shift in your thinking that could help to change your perception of what a loss or an error means to you. Rather than letting a failure bring you down and feel like you’re defeated, let it play a part in your learning. Think of it this way, once you have encountered failure by taking on a task or situation in one way, you should now have the confidence of how to approach it, the next time they occur.

confident looking woman#7 Go Eye to Eye

A boost in self-confidence is almost guaranteed when you know that other people see you as a confident person. You can assure this by such a simple skill as making eye contact with whoever you are talking to. This makes you appear to be fearless and bold which will only boost your self-confidence.

#8 Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Being aware of what you are good at is a huge advantage. Knowing your strengths gives you an assurance that you can successfully do something and acts to boost your confidence. But this principle is not restricted to knowing the positives. Being aware of your weaknesses is equally important. Knowing what areas of your work or personal life need to improve, means you can take steps to fix them.

Learning new skills, or improving others is a win-win. Not only will you be able to confidently take on and achieve more, but as you improve your overall self-confidence should grow naturally as a result

#9 Act as Though

You may have heard the term ‘fake it till you make it’. To some, it can have a negative connotation in the sense that it might be used as a dishonest way to deceive people. However, the act of acting confidently, even if you are not, shouldn’t harm anyone. A way to apply this effectively is to think of how a confident person would act in your current situation.

For this, it is useful to have a role model ready in your mind, be it a person you know personally or a notable person known for their confidence. Thinking and acting like a confident person may not feel ‘real’ to you at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become.

#10 Take On the Scariest Thing First

When we lack self-confidence we tend to put off those things we fear the most as long as possible. We then tackle them only when we absolutely have to, and by now our confidence is often at its lowest. try is to turn this completely on its head, and use it as a boost to your confidence rather than a stealer of it.

Take on the task, the conversation or the job which is causing you the most fear and doubt first. Once it is complete, you have two positives to enjoy. The first is knowing that from now on your task list is only going to get easier. Second,  you can soak up the pride, pleasure and the confidence of completing something which had hitherto caused you to doubt yourself.

When you were born you had only two fears, fear of loud noises, and fear of falling. All other fears and doubts that you now have were learned by you.

It is these learned fears which have eaten away at your self-confidence over the years, but now it’s time for that to stop.

Your self-confidence is yours to rebuild, nurture and grow, and you can start by implementing some of the methods we have shown you today.

You CAN Boost Your Self-Confidence – Starting Now!