How many times have you been walking along the street and seen a coin lying on the ground?

thinking moneyNow think, even if it is a penny, do you normally stop & pick it up or just walk on by?

Your answer to that question reveals more about your money mindset that all the psychologists in the world could tell you.

Firstly let’s put one thing to is not the bits of printed paper or the pieces of metal in your wallet or purse.

These things are just a combination of paper, ink & metal.

Granted if you have enough pieces of paper & metal you can have a very nice lifestyle but they are just physical ‘representations’ of money.

Money is merely a concept and your attitude to this concept creates your money mindset.

This money mindset determines whether or not it flows to you in abundance or escapes your reach despite your best efforts.

When you talk about ‘money’ the thoughts you are expressing go out to the universe and as we know the universe will match those thoughts.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

Now the universe doesn’t really get too involved in amounts or values so whether your thoughts relate to millions or pennies it is all the same to the universe.

The universe has an abundance of anything we desire so why would it worry about amounts?

So let’s go back to the penny lying in the street. do you walk past because ‘It is only a penny’?

ignoring moneyWell, in that case, the thought you are giving to the universe is not about a penny but about money…you have chosen not to have this money come to you.

Now I know you are probably thinking right now, ‘How can a mere penny influence my wealth?’

I repeat, the amount is meaningless to the universe.

To the universe, a penny is money in the same way a million dollars is money.

The important point here is your attitude and thoughts regarding money coming to you.

Consider this, how many occasions do you pass up the opportunity to possess money? Think about it.

Do you ever refuse to take payment for work you have undertaken even though you have been offered money for your time?

Are you ever been short-changed but decided not to go back to the shop to correct it?

Has money ever fallen out your pocket but you’ve just let it go?

A lot of people say in answer to these questions, “I would just seem to be a skinflint”, or “That amount is not worth the bother”.

lack of moneyI guarantee that these people are broke!

The mistake they make is they are sending a signal to the universe that money is not important to them.

They pass up opportunities for money to come or flow to them, even if it is a small amount.

Little wonder then that with this mindset they look at their bank balance and wonder why it is always in the red.

Anytime money comes to you, or you have the opportunity for it to come to you, accept it and always, always, always be grateful for it.

Welcome money, show your gratitude, thank the universe, and ask for more.

It is not shameful or greedy.

The natural order for everyone on this planet is to have abundance in all areas of their lives, including wealth.

be wealthyIn addition, not a single person will ever be better off as a result of you turning your back on money.

In fact, you could not ever be so poor that it would make anyone any wealthier.

So next time you are walking along the street and you see a penny on the ground, stop, pick it up and thank the universe for bringing money into your life.

Your affirmation should be…

“I am so happy & grateful now that money comes to me easily & frequently in ever-increasing amounts”

Maybe next time your money mindset will mean it may just be a piece of paper with green ink that you come across while walking down the street.

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