It is more than likely that you will have heard the Law of Attraction being used to further people’s financial situation.

It is also probable that you have heard of the Law of Attraction being applied to attract a life partner or soul mate.

This is no surprise as these are the two most common uses of the Law of Attraction; namely wealth and relationships.

However, it should be highlighted that the Law of Attraction can be employed to have a notable impact on your physical body.

This is totally logical if we consider the basic premise of how the Law of Attraction operates.

Your body is made of energy and you also give out energy.

Sometimes the energy you give out is positive, and sometimes (not too often I hope) it is negative.

What you focus on will determine which.

Focus on good things, the energy will be positive.

Focus on bad things, the energy will be negative.

Whichever it is, you will attract back to you the same. So if you are feeling upbeat and positive, good things will seem to come your way with ease.

However, if you are down and negative it is likely that things will go from bad to worse.

Using Visualization

A great method to focus on the upbeat and positive aspects of your life and thus enable the Law of Attraction to work is visualization.

By visualizing what you want to achieve you are actually consciously creating it.

A classic example is sportsmen & women who see in their mind’s eye what they intend to do physically.

Athletes will visualize themselves crossing the line first.

For golfers, it will be hitting the winning putt or the perfect drive.

Tennis players will envisage an ace serve or winning volley.

This visualization process is called Visual Motor Rehearsal Behavior (VMRB) and it is the way these athletes apply the Law of Attraction.

This video shows you a very simple example of VMRB.

Playing In Your Mind

It has been proven in laboratories that when athletes ‘play’ their sport in their mind their muscles actually react as though they were really competing.

In other words so powerful are their thoughts, they can actually cause a physical response in their bodies.

By using the Law of Attraction in this way they have a winning edge their competitors.

All the greatest sportsmen and women throughout history have undoubtedly closed their eyes at some point and ‘seen’ themselves winning or picking up the champions trophy.

They thought they could win and believed they could win. More often than not they DID win.

By using the Law of Attraction, by visualizing yourself undertaking any physical task or sport, you too can enhance your physical performance.

Whether you want to run a marathon, hit a home run or cut your golf handicap by a few strokes, this method can produce results.

Whatever your physical challenge may be, use the Law of Attraction to visualize yourself getting the results you want.

Do it in a spirit of positive belief and you will achieve what you desire.

Ready, steady, Go!